The story of Thrash in France(TiF)/The Ritual prod. Began in 1987 deep
in the mountains of the French Pyrenean between Perpignan and Andorra!

A group of young Thrash metal fans organized some metal parties (With lots of beer!) but a year later in 1988 it all became a bit more serious with the start of the local Thrash metal band Evol death(Including TiF members).





















Lots of gigs were organized by TiF between 1988 and 1992 and some festivals with bands from the French underground such as Shud,Asshole,Nothingness,Yortsed,House of wax or local bands like LTK,Hermes,Mors ultima,Atross,Exhaust and the local “cult” Punk band Modest and chaos!!!

With Max from Penetrator(Strasbourg,fra,1996).               Staff TIF waitin' for Agressor,Asshole,Shud & Dagon(Toulon,fra,1991).


TiF also supported the underground by releasing a compilation tape ,an fanxine and TiF also did the “management” in France for the Dutch band Korsakov.



At the end of 1992 TiF moved to The Netherlands and changed their name to The Ritual Prod. With the exception of the fanzine which was released under the TiF banner until 1995.


The "eternal" playlist:

01-Sinoath                   Forged in blood,Demo '90-91

02-Korsakov                 Prolong the agony   Demo '92

03-Excruciation            Prophecy of immortality Demo '88

04-Zemial                    Promo '94

05-Consolation             Demo '91

06-Tristitia                   Winds of sacrifice Demo '93

07-Penetrator              First penetration  Demo '88

08-Sempiternal deathreign Creepshow  Demo '88

09-Lord of evil             satan's soldiers Demo '94

10-In the woods           Isle of men  Demo '93

11-Death power           Keep fit,fuck more... Demo '87

12-Sacriversum            The shadow of the golden fire  Demo '94

13-Merciless                Immortal harmonies  Demo '88

14-Darkstorm               The blackstone  Tape '97

15-Mutiilation               Ceremony of black cult Demo '93

16-Witches                   Agressive soap  Demo '89

17-Mordor                    Csejthe  Demo '92

18-Asshole                   Discharge sweet discharge  Demo '88

19-Shud                      Beyond the real  Demo '91

20-LTK                        License to kill  Demo '91

                                                                      Baroeg open air,Rotterdam 2012

In The Netherlands The Ritual Prod. Continue in the same way as in France to support the underground with new releases which uncluded 3 new compilation tapes and from 1998 to the present day more releases on CD & tape format.